Debt Relief Program and Legally Avoiding Payment

The positions of our Program is to protect the customer so no creditor gets anything, EVER.

Did you know that for the last thirty years, creditors have been able to coerce payment out of their customers when they had nearly no money to pay, simply because of the credit reporting system? Did you know that nearly every collection lawsuit filed by creditors and third party debt collectors up until the year 2000 resulted in judgment for default because the defendant was either not served or did not understand the meaning or consequences of the collection lawsuit?

This discovery led to the writing of a formal procedure to assist people in successfully defending against these collection lawsuits. The concept is quite simple, where nearly all of the lawsuits resulted in default judgments favoring the banks and collectors, educating people about the benefits of just filing a simple answer literally stopped millions of dollars from being collected this way. This drastically changed the means that collection attorneys had been using to obtain judgments, wage garnishments, and attachments to other property.

Debt Elimination: The Credit Card Debt Relief Program® provides a buffer of time to allow the customer to determine his best alternatives. This may include not making voluntary payments to creditors or debt collectors, taking every legal defense against whatever collection process may result, being immune from garnishment, and the complete debt elimination through pennies on the dollar settlement, and restoration of credit.

Although the idea of simply not paying creditors is ancient, the deliberate refusal to pay and use of anti-collection strategies began well over twenty years ago. They were published in 2002 by an attorney, Stanley G. Hilton, J.D., M.B.A., who had been practicing these strategies since 1975. His work was recently published under the title “To Pay or Not to Pay”.

Non payment of debt is the oldest form of debt resolution/elimination there is, being thousands of years old.

Over the last hundred years, the collection system has advanced very much. The Credit Card Debt Relief Program® simply took advantage of the same legal system to defend against the claims of the creditor. It is absolutely legal and marginally successful as a stand-alone program. With the Plan B Program® you choose which accounts to pay or not to pay.

Debt Elimination includes the strategies and methods of legally avoiding payment of account balances claimed to be owed to creditors and/or debt collectors.

This system has frequently resulted in reducing $80,000 in unsecured debt down to under $8,000 within the first year. Consolidation requires that all accounts be consolidated, reduces your credit rating with no chance of restoration. Most people pay a great deal of money in making payments to the consolidator, with the result that the accounts revert back to the original creditor and the balances returned or even more than when consolidation began.

Many people have contributed to the research that supports the legal foundation in defending against collections. The most comprehensive work on this subject was written by G. Edward Griffin and published in his “The Creature From Jekyll Island”. This text provides the best ten reasons to abolish the Federal Reserve System. The Plan B Program® is the practical application of this type of research.

Other programs rely on confronting the banks to prove they are performing illegally. This service or one strikingly similar is available on line through a variety of sources, most notably from CCDN. This group uses similar tactics in confronting banks for their violations of their own charters. They appear to be successful in the majority of their attempts to at least assisting their clients in eliminating upwards of 70% of their debts. You can expect to be sued in the remaining cases.

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  • Cleta

    You have got interesting articles here. From what I heard on the Phone with Jasmine is that your firm will help us access the appropriate means to restore my credit score but that it is best to wait until after the credit card debts have been canceled before proceeding with credit repair. Is that correct?

  • Gerrie

    That’s really thinking out of the box. Thanks for helping me put a stop to all the collection phone calls. Rough times hit and it is hard to recover with the phone ringing with bill collectors non stop. Now I can get on with my life and receive some help with my credit card debts.

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